Earlier this month, I casually announced that my old RPG project was coming out of retirement for another chance at life. I wouldn’t blame you for not believing me, so I’ve decided to prove myself in the only way I know how…

Yes, that’s 5 1/2 minutes of unedited gameplay footage. And it only took ~3 months to produce from nothing at all! Once again, this speaks to the power of Love2D (and for the demo, the power of hot reload).

Some Admissions

Now that you’ve seen the game in action, I will note a few things. There’s a little bit of visible jank in the video, and there are definitely still a couple of open issues to resolve (particularly on the map):

  1. Floating stairs? If you look closely, you might see some cases of the stair tiles overlapping the player. That’s because of the way I’m handling map elevations, the stairs are “owned” by a higher layer and the player just shwoops on top of them when overlapping. However, occasionally the check fails and the player winds up underneath.
  2. What shape am I? The player doesn’t really have a hitbox at the moment, and you can tell sometimes when the player gets caught on geometry or clips slightly into the side of a wall… The player is really just using a couple of point-checks for navigation, because I’m lazy. Eventually, I’ll probably make them an octagon so that they slide past corners nicely but stop on walls.

Oh, also there’s the bit where every asset, every enemy, all of the numbers and numbers and equations? All placeholders, the lot of them! The tiles are just a lightly-edited set from 2018, the music’s from Creative Commons album, I think one or two sound effects might be from FAULTSURFERS too. So, you could say I polished up a slightly-janky proto for the shock value ;). But still, all of the gameplay shown is real. Most of it just needs a 2nd pass to feel more solid, that’s all.

The Plan

Jank aside, the game is in a pretty good state of progress. We’re already way past any of the previous attempts in terms of features, and I’m starting to think about how to turn this into the game I want. My next step demo-wise will probably be something from the real game, probably a vertical slice with one of the dungeons. Making the content for that and cleaning up the rusty bits will take time, so in the meantime I’ll probably start discussing the design and narrative plans for this game. It’s a huge undertaking, and we’ll have plenty of time to examine it. Just bear with me!

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