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More time lost

31 Dec 2012

Have a funny-looking guy on a boat.

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29 Dec 2012

You know how I said movement would be next? Scratch that for now.

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Chainsaw Deathrace Design #2: The Grid

20 Dec 2012

This is my second post on the design of the new version of Chainsaw Deathrace that I’m working on. This one will be about the grid and the placement of various objects. The previous one was about the characters. Read it here.

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20 Dec 2012

Google Analytics tells me that this blog has somehow reached 1000 pageviews. I’m under the impression that most of these are just web crawlers/bots, but a milestone’s a milestone, right? Besides that, I mostly use this as an excuse to stay on track and see my projects to completion. Seriously though-if any of you invisible viewers ARE real, why not leave a comment once in a while? It livens things up.

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Chainsaw Deathrace Design #1: The Characters

19 Dec 2012

Now that I’m back to regular development, I’m planning on writing several posts about designing the next version of Chainsaw Deathrace. Obviously, since the original version was the quick and dirty product of a game jam, the whole thing needs to be remade. However, beyond the code, thought must be put to the design to make sure it’s well balanced and fun. During the jam it was about quantity; now it’s about quality. Now that that’s been said, on to the first topic: the characters.

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The End is Nigh!

03 Dec 2012

The end of the semester, that is. With two weeks left until freedom, everything is getting nuts! This means that I might not have much to write about for a little while. The Sprint ends in less than a week, and I’m getting a little burnt out from all this programming. I’ll try to get back in the mood in time to make something festive, though. I’d also like to get out that fabled Chainsaw Deathrace v2.0 before classes start again. Already, it seems that I have quite a lot of things on my plate. Now for the news:

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Good News, Bad News

20 Nov 2012

The more time passes, the longer it seems to be before my next release of any sort. The latest issue is that I’ve decided to ditch GLUT in favor SFML, which seems to be more geared towards games. This means that I’ll have to do quite a bit to all of my projects in order to get them up to date. There is a silver lining however: I can finally do sound and music! Also, I’ll be able to not only do different window sizes, but also add a fullscreen mode! I’m pretty happy now.

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08 Nov 2012

Here we go again with a few updates:

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Another Week, Another Jam

04 Nov 2012

This may not have been too obvious, but I mentioned wanting try the 0 Hour Game Jam some time ago. Well, the day was today(at 2 am). I would call it a success of sorts. (You can play it here, the name is Zombie Delinquent Shootout)

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13 Oct 2012

It’s been quite some time since my last post. This is mainly because I’ve had a ton of work for college. Until Thursday, I was working my butt off to get a basic demo finished for my team in Game History and Development.

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27 Sep 2012

I haven’t posted here for a while because I’ve been awfully busy working on little personal projects. Mostly, these have been tools to make my life a bit easier, and I didn’t really feel like posting about them. However, I spent yesterday thinking about the RPG Project. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that, whilst Love is a great engine, it doesn’t really fit my needs.

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The Sickness

18 Sep 2012

If you’re wondering why I’m not posting much right now, it’s because I’ve caught one of the myriad of autumnal illnesses. Also, I’ve been getting plenty of schoolwork in the form of programming projects and such. I have done a few things, though.

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RPG Project - 04 - A visit from the magical recursion fairies

10 Sep 2012

I had a very strange yet welcome experience today. I decided to write a recursive flood fill algorithm for the map editor, but I was having trouble with all sorts of buggy results, not to mention frequent stack overflows. Then, I got back to my code this afternoon and it worked seamlessly. My code didn’t change, nor did the computer I was using. I’m a little perplexed, but happy with the result.

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RPG Project - 03 - In which I rip out the hair that I don't have

08 Sep 2012


I got things to the point that the player can now travel between loaded sections of map data. It only cost me my afternoon. And my morning. To be perfectly honest, it cost the day. Yes, all of it. No, the map still isn’t infinitely expandable. Yes, I’m a right sourpuss.

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RPG Project - 02 - Map Loading

02 Sep 2012

Seriously, I don’t know why I even bother trying to say when I’ll upload things.

That said, here’s a quick explanation of how maps in my as of yet unnamed RPG work.

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Sketchpad #1 1/2

26 Aug 2012

I colored the treehouse from the first sketchpad a little:

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RPG Project - 01 - Introduction

25 Aug 2012

Today’s Saturday, so here’s a new post on programming/game stuff. This will basically outline a project I’m working on, my current progress on it, and what I consider to be the next steps.

This summer I discovered Love2d, a nifty little 2d game engine. It had a couple of advantages that I liked, like being cross-platform and easy to test(Just drag your project folder onto the program, and it’ll run your game). It also uses Lua, a language that I hadn’t really touched before then. Overall, I’ve found it quite enjoyable. Here’s what I’ve done with it:

All summer, I’ve worked on one project: an old school RPG. Unfortunately, progress is really slow, and it’s still very far from completion. That said, I DO have something to show for my work. It just isn’t pretty.

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24 Aug 2012

I’ve recently been posting to this blog almost every day, and I think now would be a good time to make a proper schedule for posting. Right now, my objective is to post daily when possible, although I might not have time to do that this weekend. I’m moving into my dorm at Champlain today, and I have to attend the various orientation activities on Saturday and Sunday. That said, you can find my plan for posting after the jump:

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Sketchpad #1: Trees

23 Aug 2012

This is mostly trees, with a plank and a cactus thrown in for variety. I meant to post this yesterday but was too tired to do so.

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An Unusual Breakfast

20 Aug 2012

So, I woke up this morning to find that the house was bereft of both cereal and bread. Fortunately, I was taken by one of my many odd whims and thought of something to whip up:

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