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Halberd: That's my property!

25 Dec 2018

To anyone reading this on the same day that I post, Merry Christmas! Here’s a little present: This year’s final Halberd-related blog post.

Of my current priorities on Halberd, one of the biggest is building and integrating a property grid. I think this is a very interesting endeavor, and hopefully you’ll see it the same way!

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Art, Take 2

04 Dec 2018

Exactly one year ago, I posted some images showing my progress practicing pixel art. I’ve continued practicing since then, and I think the results are quite solid!

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Halberd: What's a roadmap?

25 Nov 2018

Since my last update back in October, I haven’t touched Halberd’s roadmap. The reason for this is simple: With a new work strategy, I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to show and track progress. In the end, I quietly settled on using regular issues on the project’s GitLab repo.

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Halberd Studio: No Sleeping, Just Scheming

16 Oct 2018

I didn’t sleep last night. The cause had nothing to do with my projects, but I ended up thinking about Halberd for a few hours. The more I thought, the more I became certain: Something has to change.

If you read my roundup for September, you’ll know that I actually made some decent progress. Despite that, I still have a lot of doubts. After last night, I re-read all of my recent posts and decided that a new strategy was in order.

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Halberd: September Roundup

02 Oct 2018

It’s been a pretty long month. A lot of general life issues cropped up, and I honestly feel like I didn’t accomplish enough overall. I also didn’t find the time to write any blog posts either, so I thought I’d try and go over the current state of things now.

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Changing gears on Halberd

20 Aug 2018

Right now, I’m in a bit of a difficult situation. My current game project has been taking much longer than I’d hoped, and I still haven’t made a first release of Halberd. I don’t make release dates anymore, but I’m still not happy with my current progress.

When I originally announced the game project, I acknowledged the risks and gave a few reasons why I felt the project was a good idea. Unfortunately, my arguments are still sound. The game has a reason to exist, and dropping it to speed up development doesn’t strike me as a good option. So, I need to rethink my overall strategy.

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Making the first Halberd game: Is this still a mountain?

16 Aug 2018

Last time, I started building the actual first map for my game. A bit of messing around later, and…

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Making the first Halberd game: There's no math in this blog post, I promise!

08 Aug 2018

In the last two posts I did a ton of math, all to make a squiggly line. That’s peak efficiency right there, nowhere to go but down!

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Making the first Halberd game: Measuring foothills

06 Aug 2018

In my last post, we did some simple calculations to estimate the amount of walking and combat to put into the game. Now, I’m going to use that data to do some real testing and level-building. But first, let’s do a little more math.

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Making the first Halberd game: Were you sleeping in Algebra 1?

29 Jul 2018

Where we last left off, I had gotten a pretty good idea of what the game would contain. Now that I’ve got an outline, The next step is to assemble it all into something playable. But first, let’s do some algebra.

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Making the first Halberd game: Story Time!

25 Jul 2018

If you haven’t read this post, do that now. I’ll wait.

The first step to making a successful game is coming up with a good title, clearly. I spent a solid 10 minutes or so trying to think of a good legally-distinct title involving words like “dragon”, “knight”, and so on before remembering that I can just rename it later. So, let’s just be lazy and call the game Henry for the time being.

Believe it or not, the second step to making a successful game is to make a new folder somewhere on your PC to put all the files in. Halberd can do that for me, or it could had I remembered to make it installable. Let’s fix that now…

With that nonsense out of the way, we can start designing the game for real. Normally it helps to start a game with some prototyping, but that’s not yet on the menu with Halberd. Instead, let’s talk narrative.

Warning: Actual writers may want to skip this bit, to avoid the aneurysms my… process… will cause them.

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Making the First Halberd Game

22 Jul 2018

It’s done! Earlier this week, I finished the last of the features I needed for Halberd’s MVP. I’m going to sit down and make a game with it now, so I thought I’d bring you along for the ride. Please bear in mind that Halberd is still in a very rough state, I’ve done basically no polish or UX work with this version yet.

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Halberd: Finally, a Proper Demo!

17 Jun 2018

Well, it has been 2 1/2 months in the making. But today, Halberd has reached its first milestone!

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Halberd: Let's Talk Architecture

29 May 2018

Halberd's development is chugging along, and now that I've gotten a few systems together my codebase is starting to get a little bit cluttered. That means it's time to tidy it up.

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Halberd: Questions and Answers

15 Apr 2018

If I had to pin a core theme on the first two weeks of Halberd’s production, it would probably be “Raising Questions”. As I expected, the nature of the project has forced me to think a lot about how to use DFGame properly. Because this project is both very different and much larger than previous any work I’ve made using the framework, many unknowns in DFGame are being brought to light for the first time. Let’s discuss a couple of them!

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Halberd, and the Roadmap

31 Mar 2018

I’ve spent the first three months of this year making a new game and doing bits of research. Now, I think it’s time to start working on something a little more long-term again. The Halberd project was put on hold back in college, and the DFGame rewrite prevented me from picking it back up last year. With a fairly clean to-do list in front of me, now’s the perfect time to get back to it!

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