“I've been programming since middle school, making games, software, and helper scripts. Whether you're searching for an interesting tool or a bit of fun, take a look! You never know what you'll find.”


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04 Mar 2022

Earthquakes around the world are opening cracks in the earth and swallowing cities! As a member of FAULTSURFERS, an elite squad of dudes with grappling hooks, your job is to save as many civilians as you can from the carnage. Good luck, and don’t fall too deep!

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Open Pixel Puzzles

03 Feb 2022

Open Pixel Puzzles is a pixel art jigsaw puzzle game. Whether you’re a fan of pixel art looking for an excuse to examine pieces up close, or a jigsaw puzzle fan looking for a digital option, Open Pixel Puzzles aims to please.

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11 Dec 2021

A comic book reader built with GTK4 and Vala that aims to be a modern alternative to MComix. It’s designed with an emphasis on plugin-based support for online services and powerful library management tools, along with support for viewing and authoring metadata via ACBF.

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24 Nov 2021

Cartographer is an API and set of mods for Minetest. It allows players to craft, fill, and annotate in regional maps to encourage exploration.

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27 Aug 2021

RPG16 is a simple texture pack reminiscent of classic RPGs, made for the Minetest platform. It aims to support a wide variety of mods and games, and give them a consistent art direction.

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Blender Audio Notification

26 Jul 2020

A simple addon for Blender that makes the program go *DING* when your render finishes.

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21 Jul 2019

Sorthelper is a file-sorting utility built with GTK3. It uses efficient as-you-type searching combined with file previews and grouping algorithms to help users rapidly sort their files.

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16 Jun 2019

DFLib is a Vala library that I built to extend GTK with some common needs for my software. It’s still used as a dependency in some of my tools, but has slowly been phased out.

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Halberd Studio

17 Apr 2019

Halberd Studio was an attempt at building an open-source graphical RPG engine, similar to RPGMaker. I worked on it for around a year, before concluding that the project wasn’t helping me reach my own goals as a game developer and didn’t have a well-defined audience to cater to either. It has a few basic features, but doesn’t provide enough to build a full-fledged game.

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01 May 2018

DFGame is a simple game development framework written in C and Vala. It values simplicity and flexibility over ease of use, giving dedicated programmers a head start when building their game’s engine code.

I’ve since moved on to other technology for my games, but DFGame is still functional.

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Cloudy Climb

04 Mar 2018

A re-imagining of an older game of mine, and the first complete game made with DFGame. The game discards the infinite stylings of the original for a tighter level-based format, with a total of 10 levels.

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GrafX2 Scripts

15 Jan 2018

A collection of scripts for the paint program GrafX2. There are 3 scripts provided:

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06 Jan 2018

Singularity is a GTK3 webfeed reader for the desktop. It has support for RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds. It can also import/export OPML files to use in other feed readers.

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The Last Light

25 Apr 2016

An ordinary day on the subway to pick up your brother, Lucas, has turned into a living nightmare. A mysterious power outage has trapped you underground, and you soon discover you are being hunted in the dark.

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14 Mar 2016

@ Symbol, a brave young farmer, was out for a stroll on his farm when his cat Cuddles ran down into the gaping staircase to the deadly Caves of Consternation! @ Symbol had been meaning to patch that up for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Don’t judge. Will you help @ Symbol retrieve his cat, Cuddles?

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Day of the Hotdog

27 Jul 2014

The Hotgod has been awakened, and he has begun to wreak his baleful and meaty vengeance upon the planet! However, he will let you live-as long as you can amuse him by grilling meat on the barbecue. How hard could it possibly be?

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25 Apr 2014

A simple little puzzle game, inspired in part by games like Chip’s Challenge. The object of the game is to clear each of the four zones, then escape the final zone. Each zone has a different theme, and new mechanics and puzzles are introduced throughout the game. There are 35 levels in total, ranging from simple to fiendishly difficult.

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To the West

14 Mar 2014

The foul warlock Mochus has stolen the Band of the Stars, bringing it to his fortress deep in the western mountains. Journey to the Western lands, find the band, and slay this dark warlock once and for all!

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Something Something Office Rampage

14 Mar 2014

You’ve just been downsized by Ivil Incorporated, a completely legitimate and not secretly performing dark and twisted scientific experiments in hidden laboratories deep below the earth business, and you must go on a murderous rampage that involves painting the walls with blood (a feature missing from far too many roguelikes) and stealing office supplies. Made for 7DRL 2014.

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Space Douchebag

13 Dec 2013

You are Space Douchebag, the greatest douchebag in the universe. When your swag is stolen by aliens, it’s up to you to exact your vengeance!

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Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing

26 May 2013

Fire a rocket-powered, remote controlled claw out to sea, and grab fish to sell! Buy upgrades like more fuel to go farther out, or a bigger claw to catch bigger fish! The ultimate goal is to catch Big Red, a huge legendary whale with rubies growing out of its back. Made for Fishing Game Jam 2013.

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Diamond Rush

27 Jan 2013

You are the mighty Diamond Titan, placed deep within a cave to ward off would-be heroes who might seek the Macguffin that you guard. However, you forgot one thing: The only thing heroes love more than plot points is loot! Hop for your life, Diamond Titan! Created for Global Game Jam 2013.

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A Wheelie Good Time

16 Dec 2012

You are a wheelie bad dude. You’d like to go destroy the city, but your doctor told you that you need exercise. That’s when you get a cunning plan (because that’s how you roll, of course) to destroy and exercise at the same time! What could go wrong?

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Chainsaw Deathrace

28 Oct 2012

Control 3 plucky teenagers as they escape a crazed chainsaw-wielding maniac! There’s a catch, though: they’ve already lost a few limbs. Created for a game jam at Champlain College.

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