This project is complete. It should work as advertised, but probably won't get any more updates.

About the Project

The foul warlock Mochus has stolen the Band of the Stars, bringing it to his fortress deep in the western mountains. Journey to the Western lands, find the band, and slay this dark warlock once and for all!

Made for 7DRL 2015.

For this game, I decided to try something a bit different: The map is a giant line, going from the point where you start in the east to the final boss far to the west. The map will not scroll up or down, and you have little reason to travel to the right. Instead, you spend most of the game going to the left and dealing with whatever you find.

The game featured a number of really cool features during development, such as a faction system that caused NPC infighting and allied NPCs. However, many features had to be scrapped due to a number of memory-related errors. I would’ve tried to fix them, but since this was a game jam entry I didn’t have enough time. The game itself still works, however


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