If you’re reading this, that means my new website is officially up and running!

I spent about half of my vacation finishing it up, but it feels good to have it done. I’ve tried to redesign things a bit to better reflect the variety of content I produce these days, and also build things in a way that can be easily expanded and maintained in the future. This was a serious concern for the old site, which had no templating and multiple sites to update every time I wanted to change the layout. While you’re here, let’s talk about what’s new.

High-Level Organization

The first things you might notice are that the distinction of ‘Software’ and ‘Games’ is gone, and there’s a new ‘Art’ section with my personal art gallery. The latter was long-overdue, given how much art I produce these days. Before, I only rarely shared my art around here but now it’s an easy place that I can point to when people ask to see my work.

As for code projects, I felt that the two categories from before didn’t really fit my work too well… the distinction made me pause and ask myself things like “Is this library/script/extension really software?” sometimes. Now I have a single page for everything, but with filters for every type of project. Moreover, the process of adding new categories later is very simple and doesn’t require me to create new pages.

Lastly, we have the blog. It hasn’t changed much, although some features like the date-based navigation are gone… I haven’t thought too long about how I want to organize the archives long-term, but with this new setup it shouldn’t be hard to organize posts retroactively.

What’s Gone?

There are a few other things missing from the new site. First of all, I’ve only bothered to move over last completed series of posts in the blog… I’m still mulling over how valuable the old stuff is outside of general preservation. For now, the old blog should still be accessible at df458.blogspot.com. If you have a particular set of posts that you want saved, feel free to contact me (See the About page for contact details) and I’ll add them ASAP. I’ll probably also do an archive binge sooner or later to try and find anything fun or interesting.

Another thing that’s gone is the comments section. It feels weird not having one, but… the fact of the matter is, the old blog received exactly one comment in its 8-year run. It was penned on the 23rd of August 2012, by ‘Unknown’ (I’m pretty sure I know which old friend this is though):


Anyway no-one ever actually comments directly on my posts, the few that do respond do so via Discord or social media. Unless folks start clamoring for a voice around here, I see no reason to add one.

The roadmap is also gone. That’s because I stopped using it, and because with my current plans to swivel over to small projects it shouldn’t be necessary anymore. If a project needs a big fancy roadmap to track progress, I’m probably going back on my old habits.

Branding and Direction

At this point I feel like I’m ready to take on the world, or at least expand my itch.io page a tad. I wasn’t planning to do a big New Years Resolution “let’s throw out everything and start fresh” thing, but it seems to have landed in my lap regardless. Given the circumstances, I decided to rebrand and restyle my website a bit to be looser, more casual, and more fun. I think it better reflects who I am as a person these days, and it features a funny root vegetable!

The old ‘DF’ logo and branding referred to ‘df458’, a handle that I started using back in middle school and kept for way too long. Today I prefer to put my real name on my work, and not try too hard to look like a 1337 hacker or whatever. I’m just a mildly eccentric weirdo making the content they want to see in the world, and I think my brand should reflect that.

To summarize, I want this year to feature a much larger amount of much smaller content, paired with a more casual tone. If I can make that happen, it’ll be a good year.

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