It’s been about a month since my last status update on Open Pixel Puzzles, so I figured it was about time for another. The game’s not ready for release yet, but I’ve made steady progress and the end is definitely in sight! Let’s get down to it.

If you’ll recall my last post, the two main things I had to finish were the audio and, well, an actual puzzle.


Of the remaining work, sounds and music were definitely my biggest source of concern. I’ve made some great progress on them though! All of the sound effects are in, and I’ve found a decent selection of Creative Commons music to play while solving puzzles. Having a little bit of jazz in the background certainly adds a nice touch to the puzzle-solving.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to finish up. There are two pieces that I can’t just grab off the internet, the title screen theme and ‘puzzle complete’ jingle. The former is the first thing a play will hear, so I need it to set the just the right tone… that’s not something I can easily do by borrowing existing music. And as for the jingle, it’s just not something you can easily come across compared to music and simple sound effects.

With that said, all is not lost. My friend Peter, who I’ve collaborated with on past projects, said he’d help me with the final assets. He’s a much more experienced composer than I am, and I’m excited to hear what he comes up with!

The Puzzle

If you’ve checked the art section of this site, you probably already know. Indeed, it’s done! It took a lot of time and effort to get to this point, but the result was worth it:

As a kid (and honestly, as an adult too) I always thought that forests and other natural spaces felt a little bit magical. There’s something about the lack of humans, the quiet broken only by wind and animals… it’s romantic. And so, I tried to capture that feeling of wonder and magic in this piece. The boy is alone, discovering something wonderful but also just a little bit dangerous. It just screams ‘adventure’ to me!

When Can I Try?

At this point we’re basically two audio assets short of release. A 2021 release date is still very possible, but with the holidays creeping up I also don’t want to impose too much on my friend. For that reason, I’m not going to announce a specific date until the demo’s totally ready. If the date slips I’ll just start work on additional features and polish, so don’t fret about delays too much. I want this demo to feel really good, and I’m willing to wait a little to make sure that happens.

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