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Eh, Screw It! - A Postmortem for Doomsday Darren

31 May 2013

Last night I made a tough decision: I’m going to stop trying to port Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing to Windows, at least for quite a while. This may disappoint any Windows users who were planning on trying this out, but hey, at least they got Chainsaw Deathrace. Of course, I do have my reasons for this. The biggest reason is time. At the start of this week, I was already behind schedule, having failed to complete Singularity prior to the jam. With only a month left before it becomes a necessity, I need to complete it and test it now. The cross-compile progress that I was making was quite slow, and I’d already lost a week with nothing to show for it. The last thing I want is a repeat of Chainsaw Deathrace where I decide to make a few simple updates and it becomes an enormous, months-long undertaking. On that subject, I swear I’ll get it done eventually. Maybe.

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Gameplay Video: Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing

28 May 2013

So I said that I’d start making Youtube videos of the games I make, and here’s the first:

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Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing - Complete!

27 May 2013

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Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing - Midway Update

23 May 2013

So, I probably should be posting more often during this jam, but I guess I never really thought of it until now. Because of that, I’m probably just going to post once more at the end.

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Updates: Almost there, and another game jam

14 May 2013

First off, I thought it’d be good to mention that the next version of Singularity is almost in working order. While there are a good few things left after getting it up and running, The end is very much in sight now. I think I may be done by the end of this week, in fact!

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Looking back: A year of college game programming

02 May 2013

Sorry for the late post. I hope the length makes up for that.

It’s been a very long time since I last got much work done on a personal game project, and I must say it’s a bit sad. Singularity has consumed my dev time, and when that’s done I still need to work on my level builder. Since I can’t really work on a game much right now, I thought I’d take some time to write about all of the school projects that I never really mentioned in detail. I guess this is going to be sort of like a postmortem for them. I’ll write about them in the order that I made them:

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Chainsaw Deathrace Update - Walls!

04 Jan 2013

I promised a status update, so here it is!

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Chainsaw Deathrace Design #3: Speak up!

04 Jan 2013

Wow! My last few posts were kinda depressing. Let’s brighten things up with a two post day: Design post now, status update later. Enjoy!

So, this also has nothing to do with speed. That’s because I’m currently rethinking how I want to handle that. Let’s instead talk about a new feature that I want to implement: Sound.

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