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Halberd - Violently and Thoroughly Changing Directions

19 May 2019

Hello all,

Today, I wanted to talk about a change of approach. Changing approaches is something I do a lot, probably because I’m not very good at project management. I’ve been taking a break from Halberd for a few weeks, and I’m starting to have some reservations about my current plans. The crux of my worries is the following question:

Why am I doing this?

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Halberd - Actors, Part 2

26 Apr 2019

At the end of last month, Halberd’s current iteration had its first birthday. I think that makes this my longest and most successful attempt so far! As I mentioned in my original post about Halberd, this has been a recurring project, something that I wanted to do for years but never managed to complete. Seeing a milestone like this is pretty nice!

That’s enough celebrating though, it’s time for dialogue.

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Halberd - Actors, Part 1

10 Mar 2019

One of my goals for this month is to get myself back on the right track with Halberd’s development. To recover from my little detour, I decided to implement one major new feature: NPCs. So far, I’ve had some good success!

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Halberd Studio - Priorities and Time

24 Feb 2019

Hello again! Despite 2 months of work, this is somehow my first post of the year. I’ve got an even deck of good and bad news, but nothing too major on either side.

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Art Project: RPG16

19 Feb 2019

Ever since it came out in high school, I’ve really loved Minecraft. Despite never mentioning it here, I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into it over the years. And that’s why I’m worried about the future.

Some years ago, Microsoft bought Minecraft. They haven’t done anything crazy like the doomsayers claimed at the time, but they have gradually de-emphasized the original Java version in favor of new editions and spin-offs.To my knowledge, those new editions

  1. Don’t run on Linux
  2. Aren’t moddable
  3. Have been more aggressively monetized with MTX and paid DLC

None of this stops me from enjoying Minecraft, but it does make me wonder if someday I’ll be locked out of the game entirely.

To try and avoid that problem before it happens, I’ve been looking for alternatives. As far as I can tell, the only really active open-source block builder is a little game called… Minetest.

Nothing in this world is easy though, and Minetest has 2 little problems…

Warning: Strong opinions ahead

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