“Like any self-obsessed individual, I can discuss my life and the things I do at length. If that appeals to you somehow, you're in the right place!”

Website Update: Sidebars for Everybody!

30 Dec 2021

About a year ago, I relaunched this site with a completely new layout. Today, we have a less ambitious but still important update!

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Taking Care of Singularity 1: The Dissection

11 Dec 2021

Singularity. It’s the oldest piece of software I’ve written that still gets active use today. For that same reason, it’s also the jankiest piece of software I still have to care about. I haven’t done much with it in years, and it shows. I was hoping to give it a dusting once I could upgrade to GTK4, but I’m still waiting on a certain library and I’m tired of relying on such a crusty program. It’s time for housekeeping.

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Open Pixel Puzzles: Almost There...

09 Dec 2021

It’s been about a month since my last status update on Open Pixel Puzzles, so I figured it was about time for another. The game’s not ready for release yet, but I’ve made steady progress and the end is definitely in sight! Let’s get down to it.

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Puzzle Progress

08 Nov 2021

As we discussed last time, I’m trying to wrap up my jigsaw puzzle thingy. At that time I’d just finished the basic mechanics, and I was looking towards a lot of UI work…

Well, enough beating around the bush. The UI is complete.

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Back to the Puzzle Mines!

23 Oct 2021

As you can guess from the title, we’re back on jigsaw puzzles. Before that, let me address my last post–I didn’t forget about my other projects, but unfortunately there’s some legal stuff presently delaying things. I’m not getting into it here, other than to say that I’m not in any sort of trouble but I can’t yet give an ETA on when things will be sorted out. Hopefully soon?

In the meantime, I’ll be continuing existing projects, be it by updating released stuff or pushing the unfinished stuff towards release.

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What Have I Been Up To?

25 Sep 2021

About a week ago, I moved into a new house. After 5 years spent in a little apartment in the city, moving out to a house in the suburbs is simultaneously freeing and a bit stressful. Regardless, the change in scenery has me looking inward a little more than usual. So, I thought it was high time to write about what’s been going on with my life and my projects this year.

There’s a lot that I want to talk about, so I’ll be breaking things up into multiple posts. For this first one, I’ll just give a general overview of what I’ve been up to and where I want to go from here.

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A Puzzling Development

02 May 2021

It has been a couple of months since my last post, but I haven’t been idle… I’ve been hard at work on several projects. None of them are ready for release just yet, but I’ve seen some promising results.

Today, I’m presenting another LÖVE project–a jigsaw puzzle app!

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LÖVE Mini-Project 1: Atlantis

28 Feb 2021

One of my goals for this year was to take LÖVE and make some games and demos with it. To that end, I spent some time in January and February playing around with a game concept. While I’ve decided not to take the full project to completion, I think what I do have is interesting enough to share and write about.

So let’s get right to it, and look at Atlantis!

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First Thoughts on GTK4

21 Feb 2021

I haven’t talked about ‘regular’ software development in a very long time, but it is something I do on a regular basis. In addition to my work at Ubisoft, I also have a few open-source applications for Linux that I’ve written over the years. When GTK4 released a couple months ago, I was quite interested in trying it out.

I’ve just gone through a full GTK4 port, so now it’s time to share my thoughts on the new release!

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New Year, New Website

01 Jan 2021

If you’re reading this, that means my new website is officially up and running!

I spent about half of my vacation finishing it up, but it feels good to have it done. I’ve tried to redesign things a bit to better reflect the variety of content I produce these days, and also build things in a way that can be easily expanded and maintained in the future. This was a serious concern for the old site, which had no templating and multiple sites to update every time I wanted to change the layout. While you’re here, let’s talk about what’s new.

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