“Like any self-obsessed individual, I can discuss my life and the things I do at length. If that appeals to you somehow, you're in the right place!”

I Hate My Wrists

23 Nov 2022

Where have I been all this time, anyway?

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10 Years Part 3: Fragments, Demos, and Homework

31 May 2022

Last time, we went over the complete history of my 10-year RPG project. Now, instead of discussing a single large project we’ll be talking about many small projects. If you ever wondered “What happened to that game concept?” or “If you have a gamedev degree, where are all the games you made then?” then look no further. I’ve tried to assemble as much game footage as possible for this, since most of these games got little to no videos or screenshots in their time.

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Untitled RPG: Welcome to Reyel

18 Apr 2022

With the premise of my RPG out of the way, let's examine a slice of the setting and cast!

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Untitled RPG: The Birth of a Premise

10 Apr 2022

Join me as we watch a piece of my RPG's premise grow into its current state

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Untitled RPG Project: It's Alive!

31 Mar 2022

Earlier this month, I casually announced that my old RPG project was coming out of retirement for another chance at life. I wouldn’t blame you for not believing me, so I’ve decided to prove myself in the only way I know how…

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10 Years Part 2: The Longest Project

06 Mar 2022

Last time, we looked at the origins of this blog. Today, we’re digging into the oldest project I’ve got: Halberd

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LÖVE Jam 2022 Complete!

05 Mar 2022

With last week's game jam complete, let's dig into the results!

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LÖVE Jam 2022!

25 Feb 2022

Surprise! I’m participating in another game jam.

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10 Years Part 1: How Did We Get Here?

12 Feb 2022

In the summer of 2012, I started a blog. Today that blog is still alive and (somewhat) well, or you wouldn’t be reading this. In celebration of hitting the 10-year mark, this year I’m filling out the archives with all the old posts from the back when this was hosted on Blogger. And while we’re at it, why not talk about the past a little?

But first, there’s a big question: why? What caused me to start writing? The truth is lost to time, but the journey will be interesting nonetheless.

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Open Pixel Puzzles: Demo 1!

03 Feb 2022

It’s done! The demo is out!

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Love2D: Let's Iterate!

29 Jan 2022

Tiled is a good tool for design, but not for testing. Let's fix that with a little bit of programming magic!

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Taking Care of Singularity 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once

03 Jan 2022

Today I was planning to cut up a few bits of IO.vala, maybe get a start on the database code... but then I discovered a nasty surprise.

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