This project is complete. It should work as advertised, but probably won't get any more updates.

About the Project

You are the mighty Diamond Titan, placed deep within a cave to ward off would-be heroes who might seek the Macguffin that you guard. However, you forgot one thing: The only thing heroes love more than plot points is loot! Hop for your life, Diamond Titan! Created for Global Game Jam 2013.

I think this is one of my better game jam entries. I recall that part of the jam’s theme was a heartbeat sound, and I didn’t want to make a game with a heart. I figured most people would just put hearts in their games, and that I needed to find a different interpretation of the sound. So, I decided that the sound was the footsteps of something huge hopping and skipping around. Then, I needed a reason to make it hop in the first place, and the story of the Diamond Titan was born.

The game’s soundtrack was composed by Peter Orzell, a good friend and colleague of mine.

Game Instructions

You direct movement via the orange cursor, which is controlled with the mouse. The Titan will automatically try to jump to it. Be warned, though: You cannot control it while it’s in the air. The heroes will damage you if you land on/near them. If you run out of health, it’s Game Over.

Score Values

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