This project is complete. It should work as advertised, but probably won't get any more updates.

About the Project

Fire a rocket-powered, remote controlled claw out to sea, and grab fish to sell! Buy upgrades like more fuel to go farther out, or a bigger claw to catch bigger fish! The ultimate goal is to catch Big Red, a huge legendary whale with rubies growing out of its back. Made for Fishing Game Jam 2013.

This project was never ported to Windows, even though I had every intention of doing so. It was my first time using CMake as my build system, and due to issues getting it to compile my work on Windows I quit in disgust. Despite the fact that the CMake issues were caused by my inexperience, it still turned out to be a great decision. Not only did I become really good at writing makefiles by hand (and by extension, deciphering giant arcane blocks of code), this also eventually led to my adoption of the Meson build system, which is, in my humble opinion, far better than CMake in every respect. All’s well that ends well, right?

Another interesting thing about this game is the recurrence of the “protagonist” of A Wheelie Good Time, Doomsday Darren. I was going to try and fit this character into my games periodically, but as of now (September 2016) he’s yet to make a return. Like many of my games, this game suffers from being too long for its own good. Because the content of the game is spread too thinly, it loses its appeal long before you actually complete it.

The game’s soundtrack was composed by Peter Orzell, a good friend and colleague of mine.

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