This project is complete. It should work as advertised, but probably won't get any more updates.

About the Project

The Hotgod has been awakened, and he has begun to wreak his baleful and meaty vengeance upon the planet! However, he will let you live-as long as you can amuse him by grilling meat on the barbecue. How hard could it possibly be?

Made for the Summer Game Jam.

One of the few games ever made using DFEngine, Day of the Hotdog was, in fact, built entirely off of a bad pun. DFEngine was quite limited at the time that I made it, so I took extra care when coming up with game ideas. It had to be a game without actual levels, in 2D, with few features besides a physics engine. As a result, bouncing hotdogs on a barbeque seemed like a pretty obvious summer mechanic. And really, once you’re there how could you not add a mechanic centered around knocking bald eagles out of the sky, then catching and grilling them on your barbeque? It’s the American way!

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