This project is complete. It should work as advertised, but probably won't get any more updates.

About the Project

You’ve just been downsized by Ivil Incorporated, a completely legitimate and not secretly performing dark and twisted scientific experiments in hidden laboratories deep below the earth business, and you must go on a murderous rampage that involves painting the walls with blood (a feature missing from far too many roguelikes) and stealing office supplies. Made for 7DRL 2014.

Something Something Office Rampage was my first 7DRL entry, and also my first Roguelike. As a result, I didn’t really take a lot of risks, unlike every other roguelike that I’ve made since then. When thinking up of a setting, my thought process was something along the lines of: What if Dilbert lost his mind one day and went on a rampage? Wait, office workers are still too boring of an enemy. …But what if Dilbert was working for the Umbrella Corporation and had no idea?

From that jumbled mess arose a decent little hack’n’slash roguelike. If I had to charge SSOR with a crime, it would be being too long and repetitive. It as good ideas, and it’s entertaining, but it wears out its welcome by stretching the content out too much. I think at the time I expected most 7DRL entries to be quite long, so I tried to pad the game out by making the player traverse around 45 floors when 10-20 would’ve been enough.


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