This project is complete. It should work as advertised, but probably won't get any more updates.

About the Project

You are Space Douchebag, the greatest douchebag in the universe. When your swag is stolen by aliens, it’s up to you to exact your vengeance!

This game was made for my Graphics I class during my Sophomore year of college. It started as a generic space shooter, becoming Space Douchebag when I couldn’t think of a good reason to have my protagonist fly around shooting aliens. From there, I came up with the concept of making ship’s hitbox a manifestation of Space Douchebag’s ego, which shrinks when shot. The game was intended to be much longer, but content was cut due to time constraints. It’s still fun, though, and I think it’s actually one of the better entries in my collection. I plan to eventually revisit it and produce a remake.

My friend and colleague, Peter Orzell, composed a wonderful original soundtrack for the game. I recall him mentioning that another artist contributed to the first boss theme, Earth Mover, but I don’t know who it is so I am unable to properly credit them. It’s also possible that I’m misremembering things and they never existed.


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